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UGENE video podcast series teaches you to work with UGENE and answers popular users questions.

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#45: Phylogenetic trees algorithms

This episode is about phylogenetic trees building methods available in the UGENE platform.

#37: What’s new in UGENE 1.10?

The latest major UGENE 1.10 release introduces a lot of new features, brings stability, performance and usability improvements into UGENE.

Short list of features and improvements:

  • New tools: MrBayes, BWA (all platforms)
  • Update of Bowtie and BLAST tools
  • Short reads assembly viewer: performance and reads coloring improvements
  • Open, view and annotate huge DNA files on a usual desktop
  • Workflow Designer: new data filtering elements
  • Sequence viewer: new DNA Flexibility and GC Frame Plot graphs
  • All in one package: download UGENE, documentation and external tools in a single file

#36: Browsing BAM files with UGENE Assembly Browser

What does the future hold for browsing and analysis of assembly data?

This video shows how to use UGENE Assembly Browser – an innovative and fast tool for working with NGS data.

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