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  • Convert seq/qual pair to Fastq
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This workflow allows to add PHRED quality scores to the sequence and save output to Fastq. For example, one can read a Fasta file, import PHRED quality values from corresponding qualities file and export the result to Fastq.
To execute the workflow do the following:

  1. Select "Sequence Reader" task and specify source file(s) at "URL" field in the Property Editor.
  2. Select "Import PHRED qualities" task and specify URL to the quality file. Usually such files have .qual extension.
  3. Launch the schema with pressing Ctrl+R shrotcut.

After running the workflow, target fastq file will appear in the same folder as the source file, with the same name but diffrent extension.

Also, if required, you can change parameters. Use the workflow wizard to guide you through the parameters setup process. The first wizard page will appear when you click on the Show wizard button on the Workflow Designer toolbar:

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